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Supercell To Introduce Major Updates in Clash Royale This Month: Goblins Ninja Cards Are On The Way!

As we all know, new cards are going to be a portion of this new update although there is no information on how many or what’s going to be introduced in the future. The Clan Battles mode will allow you to play with 2vs2 matches and it’s going to be added in this update, but remember that the very first Clan Battle event will happen on March 24, 2017.

Meanwhile, although Supercell has confirmed the updates that are going to be featured in the new Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, it still has not confirmed any details besides it will have changes for emotes. Supercell has previously suggested for this important update on the 2nd of March 2017 at the time of published of the match.

Supercell usually gives players one major Clash Royale update each week as players have come to expect from enjoying Clash of Clans. If Clash Royale isn’t working on iOS or Android, report your issues below where you’ll be able to assess if Clash Royale is back up from updates by the team and comments left by the Clash Royale community.

There are no official confirmation regarding the update so players are advised from accepting in false info and fake leaks. The Team Challenge will go live on March 31. In this event, teammates need to work side-by-side with a group of enemies. This new sport is much more exciting and more fun than Clash of all Clans according to the first looks provided by the Supercell.

A fan has formulated a concept about the Clash Royale September launch date saying that Supercell would need to give players time to comprehend the new cards. To get more updates on Clash Royale, its availability clash royale update for Android and other similar info, stay tuned with us. To obtain Clash Royale for Android, bookmark our page and remember to keep your eye on the  upgrades.

But this escape has surfaced on the internet via a Chinese site which was translated by the game’s subreddit. Supercell originally declared this major update could be published on March 2 when Clash Royale premiered worldwide. To make things even better, there are rumors which claim the game growing company is preparing to launch some new cards for Clash Royale.

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