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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Emojiry

In April 2015, Swiftkey conducted a study measuring the rates of usage of different emoji per state.

Eggplant Emoji (🍆 ), also known as the aubergine, is an ideogram constituting a narrow, oblong species of Japanese eggplant, frequently used in online and text message conversations to reflect male genitalia or as a sexual innuendo. Ahead, these 28 emoji meanings are those you’ve probably gotten wrong in the last emoji meaning — but will not have to worry about anymore. You might notice a few people you follow on Snapchat have special emoji beside their name which aren’t found on the lists above. Click here to find the meanings of all of the emojis in your Trophy Case and learn how to receive them!

Lots of people use this emoji when they want to convey that they are thinking hard about something, that they’re being serious, or even that they’re forever ” But as Lyssa Goldberg reports for Mashable, the original emoji meanings for this character are respect or apology This emoji was meant to depict dogeza, the Japanese practice of kneeling and prostrating oneself to show deference to someone or to express an apology.

In the workplace, misunderstandings may arise from everything from the meaning of an emoji – like when an eggplant means far more than a vegetable – and racial or gender problems. Not surprisingly, millennials are inveterate emoji users, according to a new poll from Microsoft ( MSFT ) and the research firm YouGov. If you find this emoji near someone’s name, it means you and that Snapchatter are pretty close. The Snapchat app tracks your messaging habits with your friends – both to individuals and groups – and then assigns an emoji to them, which represents the present status of your degree of interaction. Smirking face (AKA suggestive, flirting or sexual face emoji): Somebody who sends you plenty of snaps, but you don’t send a whole lot of snaps back . You can tap any one of them to really set that specific interaction to any emoji you desire.

But as Goldberg notes, this emoji was actually meant to symbolize the Bunny Girl, a subservient Japanese symbol that’s associated with sex appeal and is popular in fetish cosplay. For those who pay attention to horoscopes you probably understand what all those symbols mean, but if you aren’t sure, here is a list of each Snapchat zodiac symbol emoji and its meaning. Recipients can sometimes read more emotion into emoji than the sender intended, amplifying problems, Goldman noted. These hearts mean you have both been number one best friends with each other for 60 days in a row. In April 2015, Swiftkey conducted a study measuring the prices of use of different emoji each state. If you find this emoji on a person’s profile, it means they send you a lot of snaps, but you… not so much.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced on Twitter that it was only temporary and that the feature would be back once the issues over privacy could be taken care of first. Fire (AKA fire emoji or hot emoji): This shows you’ve started a snapstreak”, by sending this person snaps on consecutive days. By way of instance, if you wanted your Super BFF emoji to be the pile of poo emoji instead of both pink hearts, then you can definitely do that. Unlike the old best friends feature, which was made public for everyone to see, friend emoji are completely private. On Snapchat, pink hearts mean you’ve been each other’s #1 Best Friend for at least 2 months.

Both of these emoji are pretty easy to mix up. The very first one is a grinning face with smiling eyes,” and the second is a face.” People today are inclined to use the two interchangeably, frequently to convey awkwardness, nervousness, or even enthusiasm.

The emoji showing two women wearing bunny ears is one that plenty of friends have used to demonstrate that they’re happy or that they’re looking forward to a night out together. Last August Snapchat snuck in a sneaky new purple emoji next to Snapchatters’ names on their profile page. Only you can see your friendships with your pals, marked by the emoji displayed beside their usernames. For those of you who’ve been using Snapchat for a long time you may keep in mind that Snapchat once had a feature which publicly displayed your very best friends. The emoji is purple with a symbol on it which represents what sign they’re in the zodiac.

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